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Bartender 2006: 1x9

The Bar's Face

It is raining heavily in Ginza and Miwa is running towards Eden Hall to seek shelter from the storm only to find a “Reserve” sign posted on the front door. Seeing her puzzled look, a nearby street food vendor explains to her that every year on this particular day, the bar is closed for a single customer, the customer who Ryuu served a mistaken cocktail. Sensing Miwa’s doubt that Ryuu could ever make a mistake in fixing a drink, the vendor proceeds to tell the story of Ryuu’s early days as an apprentice bartender at Bar Saito through an extended flashback. An important looking businessman named Ryuuichi Minegishi arrives at Bar Saito with an attractive, younger date, Kanako. Minegishi seems to know the bar’s master, Ryuu’s senior bartender, quite well and gives Ryuu his business card which indicates that he is a CEO of his own company. Kanako orders a champagne cocktail and Ryuu serves her Champagne Pick-Me-Up in a tall flute glass. Kanako looks displeased and returns it, puzzling Ryuu as to what he did wrong.

Dec. 16, 2006