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Bleach 2004: 14x270

Beginning of Despair... Ichigo, the Unreachable Blade

Ichigo tries to fend off Ulquiorra’s attacks with mixed results. However he declares he will never give up even if the arrancar is stronger than he is. Ulquiorra responds by transforming into a second release, Resurrección Segunda Etapa, that he claims Aizen and his fellow Espada do not know about. Ichigo attempts to defend himself and get in an attack, but Ulquiorra is too fast and powerful for him. Eventually, when Orihime and Ishida reach the surface, they discover that Ichigo has already been weakened and captured by Ulquiorra. The Espada tells Orihime to watch how he will extinguish her last hope by killing Ichigo. With that, he punches a hole through Ichigo’s chest by using his cero.

Bleach: Season 14 Episode 270
May. 11, 2010