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Bleach 2004: 14x314

Kon Saw It! The Secret of a Beautiful Office Lady

The episode begins with Kon yelling out the window about his imprisonment in Ichigo’s room, just then a pretty a lady walks by and Kon tries to jump out to her as she asks for directions which Ichigo gives her. Ichigo’s badge rings as a hollow appears and Ichigo rushes out in his Soul Reaper form. Kon is later seen taking a stroll on a bridge in Ichigo’s body and spots the girl from before who was asking for directions as she is about to jump off the bridge. Kon runs to save her, but instead of saving the girl, he falls off the bridge himself. As the girl and Kon talk it is revealed that the girl can see Hollows and Soul Reapers and because of this her boyfriend Ken breaks up with her and also that the girl’s name is Haruko. Ichigo finds Rukia and Rukia tells him that there has been a Hollow that has been sucking out the souls of humans. As Haruko leaves Kon and is by her self, she is attacked by that Hollow and Kon arrives just in time to save her. After the incident Haruko’s boyfriend Ken arrives to apologize for what he did and it turns out that it wasn’t Ken at all, but the hollow itself and is able to take over Haruko as well. Kon fights Haruko and manages to get the hollow out of her, but just then Kon’s pill pops out of Ichigo’s body and he is no longer in control of it. Before Kon in his pill is eaten, he is saved by Ichigo who kills the hollow. Haruko mistakens Ichigo as Kon and decides to take Ichigo as her boyfriend and leave Ken, but just then Rukia arrives and using her memory erasing spray, she erases the memory of Hakuro and Ken. The episode ends with Haruko and Ken holding hands and resuming their relationship knowing nothing of what happened.

Bleach: Season 14 Episode 314
Mar. 22, 2011